Think Marketing is the Alvaré Associates hallmark. We are known for insight that gets to the heart of a marketing challenge – and for intelligent strategies, creative approaches and flawless execution that gets the job done. Our clients see in us what is in short supply elsewhere: a personal brand of service that makes them feel well-served and valued.

Think Confidence

Anita Alvaré founded Alvaré Associates on April Fools’ Day, 1981 – just one day after leaving her position as public relations manager for a major corporation. Rather than taking time off to prepare for life as an entrepreneur, Anita did what she has always done for her clients. She confidently got to work – identifying customers, building her brand and applying a thoughtful approach to marketing that has been winning clients ever since.


36 Years in business
99% Clients from referrals
12 Years average client relationship
6 Office relocations

Think partnership

Brand success is about building relationships. Alvaré has successfully built its own brand by doing just that. It’s why we’ve worked with some of our clients for over 30 years. And why 99 percent of our new clients are from referrals. A collaborative attitude that generates results for our clients has created success for us. We’ll do the same for you.


More than a product, service or company name, a brand is who you are, what you represent and how you engage with your customers. Like a valued friendship, brand loyalty must be earned and nurtured. Do it well, and your brand can generate higher sales, profitability or donor contributions. Alvaré utilizes a research-intensive methodology to define your brand’s unique characteristics, develop brand recognition and drive brand preference among your key audiences.


The nexus of all things marketing, Alvaré Associates promotional efforts are the creative engine that drives your brand into the hearts and minds of your audience. From traditional advertising, collateral, trade show and special events support, to webinars, websites and digital media, we promote your brand with a strategic approach that keeps you top of mind.

Digital Communication

Digital defies definition. It’s a constant flow of information between friends, followers, fans, bloggers, advertisers and news generators. It’s visual, verbal and multisensory. It’s all at your fingertips, yet all so overwhelming. Alvaré delivers digital clarity – managing your brand’s digital presence and delivering a consistent message. From website development to social media, blogs, content development, webinars and more, we’ll help you close your digital divide.

Media Relations

When everything is news and news is everywhere, putting the spotlight on your story through print, broadcast or online media takes special expertise. Alvaré knows how to navigate today’s media landscape and identify the traditional and online channels most relevant to your audience. We break through by working collaboratively with editors, producers and content managers, creating mutually beneficial opportunities that deliver the right message, to the right audience.


Anita Alvaré
Owner & President

Since establishing Alvaré in 1981, Anita has guided the agency through 37 years of steady growth and success. A marketing communications entrepreneur who has done it all, she remains deeply involved in strategic planning and creative direction, bringing extensive knowledge and insight to each client project. A problem solver with the ability to simplify the complex, Anita is known for her ability to pinpoint issues and develop effective strategies for creating change, altering perceptions, reaching new markets and driving clients forward. Her broad business and cultural interests enable her to bring a unique perspective to clients that result in well-informed, relevant marketing messaging and approaches.  Highly proactive and engaged, Anita manages her clients the same way she manages her business – with intelligence, humor, persistence, foresight and an appreciation for the long-term relationships she develops along the way.